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Contemporary Transformational Art

Merina Rael is an award-winning painter, photographer, & graphic artist.

She is a creative muse who is also an intuitive artist, poet, filmmaker, and art teacher.

“While I was teaching art to prostitutes and rape survivors who were in recovery, I came to realize the power that art has to heal.”

She is driven to create and loves the use of bold colours and shapes;

abstract art; nature and the female form are important elements seen in her work.

Merina has shown and sold her art in many galleries in Victoria;

she has self-published two books and has created 37 videos for YouTube. “Facing Her Shadow” won a video award through the Community Arts Council Video Contest held in 2010.

Born in El Paso, Texas, USA, Merina has now lived on Vancouver Island for 48 years.

Art Studio:


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