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A Light in the Closet


This is a truly inspiring story of how Merina’s gift of imagination helped her to escape her dark closet of abuse.

Mira, her mermaid and imaginary friend who helped her escape to Merland, a portal in the closet into a wonderfull world of colorful fish and amazing adventures.

Mira was her mirror to freedom


At the age of 5, Merina’s imagination saved her and helped her escape from the dark closet of abuse. 

Now over 70, Merina has decided to write and illustrate her story of the undeniable resilience and spirit of the human heart and how the love and guidance of her imaginary mermaid friend, Mira, helped save her from the clutches of darkness.

She is now saying NO to child abuse and YES to kindness and love.

“It is my desire to share this story to bring light and inspiration to others who have also experienced abuse as a child.”

Merina Rael 

Victoria BC Canada. 14.99 plus shipping CAD 

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Journey Of A Mystic Artist


A moving, colorful, mystical adventure with sacred shrines, golden temples and adventures of a lifetime.
This book is art in motion from a metaphysical telepathic artist traveling to ancient sacred sites.

If you are an artist adventurer, lover of myth, Merina’s account of her extraordinary journey at 60 years of age will inspire you to connect to your soul through art and set your spirit free to travel no matter what your age.

In Merina’s early years she was a waitress, sales person, wife, mother, foster mother, grandmother, and even lived in exile in Sweden.

Her drive to create was always there. After winning several art awards she hit the road where she met a large rattle snake in the desert of New Mexico, a lizard in Thailand, a sacred shrine cat at the Parthenon in Greece, a Llama in Peru, and a horse in Mexico.

For an armchair traveler, Merina’s images will take you there on her exciting excursions to five colorful continents.

Journey of a Mystic Artist will touch the hearts of artists and adventurers who seek enlightenment and spiritual answers in a material world.

Do you yearn to travel and explore sacred sites?
Join us on a self-discovering adventure that will en-rich the soul.

Dive deep into the creative psyche of a Mystical Artist!



Cost 20.00 CDN plus 4.00  shipping.

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Ebook 6.50 CAD

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Reflections Art and Poetry.

“ Reflections,” a spiritual journey, a progressive book for women seeking creative expression through art and poetry.

Merina Rael shares her work encouraging, insightful suggestions to create and develop a true artistic confid
ence at any age.

This book is a mystical alchemy of art and poetry through the doorway of the sacred feminine.

It reframes our boundaries from staying in the box to bursting free through our creativity Merina refers to artists such as Frida Kahlo and Sylvia Plath who served as examples for us by using their art to heal.

Merina offers suggestions for women to use their art and poetry for healing and to gain insight, guidance, and inner strength, focusing on self-acceptance and developing one’s true authenticity.
This book was written for women who wish to cultivate their own insight through art and poetry and meditation.

Cost 14.95 cad



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