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 Pendulum Clearing Session


Would you like to clear old blocks and habits that make you feel stuck in fear, guilt, anger, and resentment?


Through intuitive pendulum clearing I can assist you to clear these blocks and traumas from the past. In Dowsing, we use our nervous-muscular system to be like wires that connect the intuitive part of our mind-brain and give us answers to release old tapes and heal. We can also reprogram our subconscious mind tapes and convert our negative voices into positive action.

I have been a trained pendulum counselor for over 25 years. 

I use charts and a pendulum to find blocks in the subconscious mind of my clients and clear them.


•Build a new foundation for your life with a positive self image.


•Clear your charge on negative co-dependent relationships.


•Clear past life karma.


•Clear blocks to positive expression and abundance


•Release negative patterns of thinking


•Open up to more light, love and peace


Here is a message from one of my clients.

“I found the pendulum healing to be highly effective. I was dealing with a lot of pain and resentment at the end of a relationship I couldn't stop dwelling on it and I was having trouble sleeping. With just one session I felt an amazing lightness of being and I realized to my surprise and gratitude that I was no longer dwelling on negativity. That night I slept better than I had in months. Thank you Merina.

A one- hour session is $75.00  

In-person online or outdoors. 

Merina Rael

Victoria, Canada, 250-381-7735 

Clients' comments from healing energy sessions.


I had a very special session with Merina where she helped me to release old patterns and negative beliefs related to my own perspective of relationships and detachment. 

Not only the pendulum work but Merina's intuition was precisely curative. I was still carrying some wounds from a former lover and I felt way more lifted and free of baggage after our session.



Merina is an absolutely amazing psychic. She has such a deep connection with her guides. Channeling for her is a very natural process and her insights are very accurate.

When she uses the pendulum, which is a very interesting and fun tool to use, she is able to connect with your energy field and bring straightforward answers. The great thing is that because Merina is also a healer, she can help solve your issues right away, based on the pendulum responses as well. 

I had a great experience with her. She helped me heal my chronic back pain from many years! Thanks to her help, within a week, I felt this great weight off my lower back and started exercising almost pain-free. 

She and her spiritual crew are an amazing team and I honestly can't say enough of them. Besides that, Merina is a brilliant artist!


On the afternoon that we met you provided guidance regarding grounding in my body and did a particular voice chant calling me to connect to the earth.  For the first time since the severing from the earth, I have now been able to connect to earth energy through my legs, ankles, and feet.  It is a new way of being which I must take time to practice since it is new to me.   A big Thank you!  Then we did some work with tarot cards that opened my eyes to this alternative journey aid.  Many blessings to you in your work,  you are a caring, gentle soul.   Rhonda Thibeau


" The pendulum therapy for me, was great, it was spot on and Merina helped me get through some important truth I always brushed off to the side. To say the least, I feel better overall as a person since I've got the therapy "PC

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