Pendulum Clearing Session


Would you like to clear old blocks and habits that make you feel stuck in fear, guilt, anger, and resentment?


Through intuitive pendulum clearing I can assist you to clear these blocks and traumas from the past. In Dowsing, we use our nervous-muscular system to be like wires that connect the intuitive part of our mind-brain and give us answers to release old tapes and heal. We can also reprogram our subconscious mind tapes and convert our negative voices into positive action.

I have been a trained pendulum counselor for over 25 years. 

I use charts and a pendulum to find blocks in the subconscious mind of my clients and clear them.


•Build a new foundation for your life with a positive self image.


•Clear your charge on negative co-dependent relationships.


•Clear past life karma.


•Clear blocks to positive expression and abundance


•Release negative patterns of thinking


•Open up to more light, love and peace


Here is a message from one of my clients.

“I found the pendulum healing to be highly effective. I was dealing with a lot of pain and resentment at the end of a relationship I couldn't stop dwelling on it and I was having trouble sleeping. With just one session I felt an amazing lightness of being and I realized to my surprise and gratitude that I was no longer dwelling on negativity. That night I slept better than I had in months. Thank you Merina.

A one- hour session is $75.00  

In-person online or outdoors. 

Merina Rael

Victoria, Canada, 250-381-7735