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Abstract Shapes
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Merina Rael is a multimedia artist whose work speaks to the very essence of creativity. With a deep understanding of the visual arts, she employs a variety of mediums such as ink, paint, and photography to express her vision. Each of her works carries a unique quality and an underlying message, making them more than just images on paper. Their meaningful narratives captivate the viewer, eliciting a powerful response that leaves a lasting impact.

Featured Art Works

Abstract Shapes

About Town Victoria Series

Bespoke illustrations that capture the beauty of store fronts around town. The designs have a whimsical touch, bringing to life the charm of local businesses. I have a passion for creating art that speaks to people and tells their story. Every illustration is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects the unique personality of each establishment.

Painting by Artist Merina Rael
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