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Merina Rael - Ma Ray


We live in a challenging time of fear.

It is time we need to hold on to the light, love, and compassion for each other.

Patients and self-love is very important. 

My Mission is to guide my clients on their own path of wellness, health, and healing, relieving the effects of physical, mental, and emotional stress.

I am an intuitive energy worker, pendulum therapist and tone healer, and a spiritual artist with 35 years of experience. 

As we move into our new world and rebirth, we need to release our old negative tapes and habits that have kept us stuck.

It is time to create a new foundation to plant our seeds and flourish in our future. 

I give online coaching sessions for health and empowerment.

               Pendulum Energy healing 

















Build your own guided daily Gaia Galactic shield for protection and balance.

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