Merina Rael was born in El Paso, Texas and grew up on a farm near Las Cruces, New Mex. Surrounded by nature and animals, her love and appreciation for natural beauty grew tremendously.

She has always been fascinated by nature and art. As a child she studied the art from the encyclopedia for hours at a time and rode horses as much as she could. She began to express her passion for the fine arts through drawing the birds on the farm.  She always felt driven to create and loved her art classes in high school. As an art major at Texas Women's University and Hawaii University she started to develop her style. Drawing, painting, graphic art and video film making became her avenues of expression.

Merina lives now in Victoria, BC where she is inspired by the beauty of the landscape.  She gives drum tone healings on the beach, and loves creating Goddess portraits to empower women. She draws mystical art at sacred places around the world.

She has won awards for her art and photography, poetry and films.  

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Merina Rael